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Utility Trailers for All Your Storage Needs

Rent out trailers and containers at affordable rates for a variety of storage needs.

Affordable Storage Trailers in Prince George

Looking to rent a trailer in Prince George? You’ve come to the right place! A & D Trailers Sales & Service offers trailer rentals and containers for individual and commercial uses. We have a well-kept fleet of trailers and containers for rent in Prince George and the surrounding towns. Our trailers are available both on a rental basis as well as for sale, according to the needs of each individual. You can put your worries about storage to rest with our flexible and reliable storage solutions. Whether you need to move your inventory stock over a long distance or are looking for a place to store furniture when renovating, we have the ideal solution for you. 

Our well-maintained fleet of trailers and containers come in different shapes and sizes to serve a variety of purposes for you. Every unit is thoroughly inspected and cleaned before they are rented out or sold. We will help you chart out a fixed rate for your trailer rentals or purchases so that you can get a trailer well within your budget. Call us today to know more about our storage trailers.

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